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Completed Projects

Published Books:


From Delicate Lilly Pads to Sculptured Peaks: Landscape Photography with Verse Impressions

from North America, Scandinavia and New Zealand

By William A. (Bill) Carlson     http://outskirtspress.com/webPage/isbn/9781478729938

The human eye/brain connection is truly a miraculous thing, enabling humans to see and perceive beauty, splendor, and majesty in the world around us.  In his new photography collection William A. (Bill) Carlson offers us a marvelous opportunity to experience his perspective of “near perfection.”  Even if there were words to express the true definition of beauty one might discern in Nature, we couldn’t come any closer to demonstrating that concept than what is given to us on these pages.  The artist describes his experience in creating these images this way: “It is the development of a consciousness—of the sensitivity—of the environment that I attempt to capture in each photograph.  I search for elements and patterns of simplicity, spaciousness and sensory response…the interplay of light and shadow.”




REVEALING Divine Mercy of the Lord: As Witnessed in the Heavens and on Earth

by Prophetess Mary L. Johnson-Gordon     http://outskirtspress.com/webPage/isbn/9781478728740

GOD’S EXTREME LOVE for us is real, constant, unconditional and present in our everyday lives! 

He wants us to know this Truth beyond the shadow of doubt.




The Midnight Call  by Elizabeth Stone (pseudonym)

This book had to be written…to speak for my son, Alex, and encourage the people who have experienced (or are experiencing these same things)...their children trapped in a world of alcohol and drug addiction…





Why Stand: A Resolve to Stand for Marriage Restoration

…by Robert A. Merrick

To read this book is to discover how Almighty God has the power to restore marriages


Love Search
by Polly Sanders-Peterson

…a true-life story…of an African American woman who looked for love in all the wrong places.



Tell My People The Unalterable, Inconvenient Truths

…by Prophetess Mary L. Johnson-Gordon

            …Oracles of Truth meant to open the eyes and hearts of those around the world who never knew that God actually speaks and reveals the unforeseen things of Himself to His servants today.



INSIGHTS: God’s Use of Earthly Inhabitants for His Kingdom Purposes

…by Prophetess Mary L. Johnson-Gordon

            The personal experiences, teaching and encouraging contents of these pages, speak directly to the heart of the readers telling them how God uses yielded, common, ordinary dirt-men to accomplish extraordinary works for His Kingdom Purposes.




JR's Memorable Meals by J.R. Balling




Life's Interruptions by Darly Milius

God Stories From the Ends of the Earth Compiled by Frieda Maclear

Selma's Life Journey by Avanti De Angelis

Memories of the T.O.A. Humor Center: Totally Awesome & Outrageous by Marion Wilson