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10/5/2016 3:26:00 PM by: Royalene Doyle

When planned person-to-person meetings happen, we human folk have expectations. When the person we meet surprises us with knowledge, insights and inspirations beyond those expectations, we are blessed. Such was my experience when author, Beatrice Bruno spoke with my small writers support group last month. Her topic was perseverance: perseverance in daily life and specifically in our writing lives.

It has taken Beatrice many years to realize that God has planted the seed of a writer within her not only for her education and enjoyment, but to publish His books and lead others out of their writing closets and into productivity—as He intended. Beatrice is not shy about telling her life story because it is the testimony of her writing gift and the perseverance it has taken to do the writing, get it published, and speak about it—the books and God’s involvement in the work.

I immediately identified with many of her life experiences. As a child, Beatrice wanted one thing: a typewriter. So did I, and I was blessed that my Mother was an excellent typist and encouraged me to write the SummerTime Neighbor News-page which I produced for several years. By the time Beatrice was a senior in high school she was typing about 105 words per minute. I also excelled in typing class, averaging about 90 wpm. Our typing skill serves us well today.

Sharing her heart with us, Beatrice explained how God has “been after her for years” to write the books He’s placed within her. She tried to avoid it, ignore it, postpone it. Then she had to close out the voices of many people who discouraged her from trying. However, she just couldn’t disregard her calling to write. Finally, Beatrice went back to typing. This time she uses a wireless keyboard connected to her computer and is producing books!

My writing/author journey followed much the same trail. I believe all writers—especially those who are called by God to write—have also experienced most, if not all, of these stumbling blocks. So it is that I stand with Beatrice to encourage every writer reading this blog to Persevere! Despite difficulties, delays, setbacks, or wagging tongues that tell us “you can’t do that,” BE STEADFAST! Within your God-given gift of writing, He has given you the staying power, the determination and tenacity to complete ALL the writing projects you have inside you!

I also encourage you to take a look at Beatrice Bruno’s books on Amazon. They are books of truth and encouragement which will surely bless your heart and spirit: How to Get Over Yourself and Let Go of the Past and Order Out of Chaos. Her newest book is fiction titled: The Baby Chronicles.

FIREPROOF PROVERBS, A Writer’s Study of Words (by me) was published in 2015 after the LORD nudged and patiently guided me through a 9-year process. It is my prayer that writers will “work the book” discovering many surprises as the Holy Spirit opens their writing gifts, too.

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