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General Information About Service Fees


…The laborer is worthy of his wages.

I Timothy 18b


EACH AND EVERY project I’ve worked on has demanded its own unique schedule.  There are no two alike.  Therefore, I’ve established a BASIC FEE outline and then discuss specifics with the individual client.


  • BASIC HOURLY RATE for most book projects = $35.00 per hour (All hourly rates are calculated on the ¼ hour.)


  • Shorter works—such as poetry—could fit the hourly rate of $15.00 per hour.
    • Without photos or illustrations (straight typing & basic formatting only) = $12.00 per hour.
    • If research for illustrations and/or more complex work needed with photos, the average hourly rate = $20.00 per hour.  This usually applies to Memoirs.


  • The FIRST HOUR (consultation hour) is FREE.  This may be a face-to-face meeting or a telephone conversation.  It may also extend to a sample of how I work with (edit/critique) a page or two of the author’s material.


  • Lengthy projects (50,000 words or more) can be considered for a FLAT RATE FEE:
    • Begins at $8,000.00…on up, depending on the specific project and length of time estimated to be involved.
    • Half is due at the beginning of the project
    • Remaining payment is scheduled monthly throughout the completion of the project and may be adjusted should the Author create additional material.


  • ALL PAYMENTS are due within 30 days of the Date of monthly Statements and/or at the time of signing the Working Agreement depending on the type of payment due.


  • FOR THE MAJORITY OF PROJECTS, A ONE TIME RETAINER FEE of $250.00 is accepted at the signing of the Working Agreement.  This allows both author and writer/editor to agree they are serious about seeing this work through to completion.  This fee is not refundable and not applicable to the specific hourly rate.


    • If your piece is being prepared for a business-related project or ministry, these services could be tax deductible.  Check with your CPA.
      • Office newsletter (community newsletter…etc.)
      • Instructional book (how-to, topics for classroom presentations, etc.)
      • Charity promotions (poetry from Aids patients, true stories from the mission field, etc.)
      • Ministry-focused books and materials.
      • Etc.