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Royalene Doyle


  • SIMPLE EDITING…means that I will read and offer brief critique—including basic grammar and punctuation—suggestions on your manuscript.  I prefer typed/Microsoft Word material, but will accept handwritten pages after discussing the project with the author.
  • Consulting/Ghostwriting…means that I will dig deeper into your writings.  This includes more in-depth critique, limited/topic-specific research to verify statements, people and places within your writings and more suggestions about the concepts within the manuscript—how they might best “fit” together—what words, phrases, sentences might be changed to strengthen the meaning—and what additional information and/or pieces need to be created in order to present a more understandable manuscript.
    • THIS DOES NOT MEAN that I require my name on your piece of writing!  There is no statement or phrasing in my Agreements that even suggest this.  However, I have had clients add my business contact information to their copyright page and/or add my name to their acknowledgements, and I joyfully find that acceptable.
    • I do NOT speed-read.  When a client signs an agreement with me, I want them to be assured that I will read every word they’ve written, and do my best to help them fine-tune it and make it sparkle.
    • I am not an agent, and cannot help you find the perfect publisher, or decide whether or not to self-publish or go straight to online eBook publishing.  I have done some research in the area of trade publisher versus self-publishing, and can offer you my opinion; however, it is only my opinion, and you—the author—must make those final decisions.